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Proven Valley LEADER


There’s a movement on the horizon. Not a movement that embraces the fringes on either side of a political aisle, but one comprised of diverse families and individuals that dare to expect their neighborhoods be safe and clean. Who expect their public schools prepare their children and grandchildren for a brighter future. Who expect their government representatives to  support their basic needs - not impede progress  with bureaucratic obstacles or by abandoning them.  And who understand that the status quo is not working.

A movement of people who want common sense legislation built on compassion, decency and opportunity for all Angelenos – without forgetting that the rule of law is necessary. Most importantly, this is a movement united to make change happen at Los Angeles City Hall. If that sounds like something you're ready for - please join me - because I’m ready to fight for you.

Now, I can understand why you may not believe that change is possible anymore. Our taxes keep going up, and our city services keep going down. Homelessness continues to spiral out of control and weeds, trash and debris are everywhere. Crime is skyrocketing, and our sidewalks and roads are crumbling. While our current council member seems apathetic about the plight of the district - we know it’s worth fighting for. Our community has been told “our hands are tied” for too long! The elected leader representing you on the Los Angeles City Council is too important of a position to remain quiet. And a strategy of staying quiet and hoping no one notices isn’t going to work anymore.


So, I won’t stay quiet. I will call out hypocrisy, apathy, and harmful legislation when I see it. I don't believe in an ideology. I believe in the best idea wins - no matter where it comes from. To ensure all voices are heard from and the entire district’s well-being is looked out for, I will surround myself with a hard-working, no excuses, staff consisting of diverse social, economic, and business backgrounds. My team will listen, learn, and ACT swiftly. I don’t believe that the California dream is too far gone, and I’m running for City Council to change course - so we can all be a part of that dream again.

Join us so we can move forward together. I am Scott Silverstein, and I humbly ask for your support.

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